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Your Support, Our Mission: Together We Can

Supporting GirlUp Entrepreneurs means empowering women to succeed in business through mentorship, training, and networking. Your donation fuels our mission to inspire and uplift female founders globally.

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Corporate Donation

Boost women's entrepreneurship with a Corporate Donation. Your support enables crucial mentorship and training, showcasing your commitment to diversity and progress.

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Individual Donation

Make a personal impact with an Individual Donation. Your gift fosters growth and opportunity for women entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed. We accept payments over Venmo for your convenience.

Why Your Donation Matters

Direct Empowerment:

Each donation amplifies our ability to mentor, train, and connect female entrepreneurs, directly impacting their success and growth.

Catalyst for Change:

Contributions fuel our programs and initiatives, breaking barriers for women in business and creating a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Community Building:

Your support fosters a vibrant, global community where female founders can thrive through shared knowledge and opportunities.

Sustainable Impact:

By investing in female entrepreneurs, your donation not only supports individual growth but also promotes economic empowerment and innovation worldwide.

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