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We are partnering with MentorX to provide a mentorship program for our member. Adhering to the Pay-It-Forward principle, our mentors are dedicated experts motivated by their passion to make a positive impact by sharing their expertise and providing valuable resources.

 Application Process

Mentee applicants are required to submit their LinkedIn profiles and articulate their mentorship goals. 

Each applicant must be referred by at least one mentor.

 Matching Process

Upon acceptance into the program, mentorship pairings will be determined through mutual selection, allowing both mentors and mentees to choose their ideal mentorship partner.

Out of respect for our mentors’ time and commitment, each mentee can be paired with one mentor at any given time. Mentors, however, may choose to mentor multiple mentees based on their own capacity and availability. 

Selection Criteria

A minimum of three program mentors must endorse each mentee applicant's participation.

Approval is based on a review of the applicant's past achievements and their potential to benefit from the mentorship program.

Mentorship Duration

The mentorship program operates between three to six months.
Mentors and mentees are encouraged to schedule monthly meetings at their convenience.

Feedback and Evaluation

At the conclusion of the mentorship program, both mentors and mentees are required to provide feedback.
This feedback should encompass the achievement of mentees' goals and overall program evaluation.

We need your support!

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